Endorsed by:

Geovany Lucero
Student Advocate General


Hello UCSB!

My name is Geovany (Geo) Lucero (they/them), I am a proud First-Gen, Latine student majoring in Feminist Studies. I am a student worker, community organizer, and activist who is involved with various aspects of our UCSB and IV community. With your support, I am ready to serve YOU as YOUR next Student Advocate General!

I am someone who WILL uplift the voices and needs of ALL students, and continue to put pressure on the university that WE PAY to better serve us ALL. TOGETHER, we can work to make our community a better place.

As a student who has overcome various barriers, I know what's wrong with this university. I have worked hard to enact change, and will continue to do so with or without a title. I’ve advocated alongside various student groups and causes at protests, student panels, town halls, volunteering, and council work. Outside of community involvement, I’ve worked alongside our elected student officials to bring about much needed change. I have also served in various capacities during my time at UCSB. I currently help run the SAG office's casework divisions.

-SAG Office Deputy Chief of Staff
-MCC Council Co-Chair
-TQCOMM Pride Coordinator
-HaU Campus Liaison

As someone who currently works in the office I can ensure an effective continuation of the work I already am doing. Here are SOME of the pillars I intend to focus on in the SAG Office:

● ADVOCATE for more funding for resources that directly support marginalized students’ basic needs

● DEMAND accountability from administration regarding campus issues

● COLLABORATE with existing student service departments and resources to ensure students ACTUALLY receive help when facing academic probation, appeals, and/or financial aid issues.

●ENSURE new students have a smooth transition to UCSB with the support of the resources they pay for.

Together, we can create a better UCSB. VOTE GEOVANY (GEO) LUCERO, as YOUR next A.S STUDENT ADVOCATE GENERAL!

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