Endorsed by:

David Gjerde
Off Campus Senator
Storke Party (2021-22)



Nice to meet you! My name is David Gjerde (he/him/his) and I’m a first-year Economics student running with Storke Party to be YOUR next OFF CAMPUS SENATOR.

I’ve had a great year getting to know my fellow Gauchos! But, like many of you, I’ve felt that my tuition dollars have not been working for me this year. We are paying the same tuition for substantially reduced services, and many times we are unaware where our student fees end up. With my background in leadership, I hope to voice the concerns of those excited to get back to UCSB, as well as those who have never stepped foot on campus.

- Associated Students Fellow working in Zero Waste Committee to create a more sustainable campus; worked closely on the committee’s budgeting
- Gave grants to local leaders with AS ZWC to support IV sustainability projects
- Working with ZWC, COSWB, CAB, and CMG to distribute care packages for food insecure students during 2021 Spring Quarter
- 4 years of Mock Trial with budgeting and grant leadership roles


- REINVEST student fees back into the community and to basic-needs insecure students, not Senators

- REOPEN a safer, better-prepared campus by reallocating AS funds for COVID-19 grants, community rebuilding, and resources for reopening

- INCREASE TRANSPARENCY in student fee usage by working directly with the Senate Finance and Business Committee

- LOBBY for reduced tuition and student fees by using my position to urge UCSB administration to listen to student voices

- INCREASE INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES by collaborating with IV business owners and organizations to localize internship outreach for UCSB students

Do you have any questions? Suggestions? Opinions? Please feel free to reach me at: davidgjerde@ucsb.edu

Vote DAVID GJERDE for OFF-CAMPUS SENATOR and VOTE STORKE PARTY, together we will rise above!

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