Endorsed by:

Cassandra Chow
Collegiate Senator - Creative Studies
Storke Party (2021-22)


Hello, Gauchos!
My name is Cassandra Chow, and I am running to be your next CCS SENATOR with Storke Party! I am a 3rd year CCS Music Composition major. I lead by example and I work hard. I am flexible, steadfast, very creative, multi-faceted, and open to suggestions and hearing from students. As an Asian-American woman in the face of recent events, it has inevitably been difficult to see a lack of representation and disregard for the Pan-Asian community. I am working towards being a light in my UCSB community by being a willing vessel in this moment in time where fostering growth can be a reality. Change will only happen if we try as a unit, and cannot occur due to the work of one person; it takes a group effort.
ENGAGE our students by organizing gatherings/events for the students to mingle and interact with each other, whether it be through Zoom, Discord, or small in-person events. As a Music Composition major, I will opt for concerts and performances to engage students.

CONNECT with students through my office hours, meeting with students, and expanding study spaces on campus.

ADVOCATE for UCSB students and their needs. I will advocate for more credits in lab classes as well as more funding for independent research projects for students.

INTRODUCE propelling, introspective ideas. from designing workshops and organizing exhibits displaying student works, to advertising shows for the UCSB community.

CREATE community by encouraging attendance of Coffee Hour, and use of CCS facilities for students to learn together in a comfortable environment.

We need a mindset of action and recognition. We can work towards progress at CCS, with communication and a mindset of unity. I will be an open and ready ear for all students. With this in mind, remember to VOTE CASSANDRA CHOW and VOTE STORKE PARTY on GOLD! For more info you can reach me at cec@ucsb.edu

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