Endorsed by:

Bunnaniel Neou
Off Campus Senator


Hello! My name is Bunnaniel Neou and I am running to be your next off campus senator. Having a direct impact on policy decisions is important for me as I believe that change must happen through action, therefore I'm running because I want both my voice to be heard and to have a say in policy decisions. I am motivated to do my part in fostering both an accepting and understanding UCSB in which all voices are heard. I believe that there is a lot to learn from listening to opinions that differ from yours as it helps us become well rounded and open minded individuals. Leadership is a very important characteristic of my personality that I actively work on honing and strengthening and I believe that my prior leadership experience will allow me to excel at this position. I have multiple leadership qualifications including:

Senior Year Chaplain of my Youth and Government delegation and 4 year member
-responsible for giving weekly speeches for our 100 person delegation designed to motivate and teach delegates
-in youth and government I learned about the various government processes and participated in mock legislature and court

Commissioner of Production in High school
-responsible for playing and setting up sound system for school events such as assemblies, dance showcases, and lunchtime activities
-directly worked with leadership to plan school wide events such as prom and homecoming dance in addition to deciding school policy

2 year class Council Member
-responsible for aiding class in planning and setting up various leadership events
-worked directly with other class council members to decide policy for class

Founder and President of Animal Protection Club
-founded and was president of my high school's animal protection club
-actively volunteered at my local animal shelter every week

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