Endorsed by:

Yehuda Jian
Off Campus Senator
Campus United (2018-20)


What’s up fellow Gauchos!

My name is Yehuda Jian. I’m a second year Philosophy Major and I’m running to be YOUR next Off-Campus Senator with Campus United!!

My Experience:
Legislative Accountability Director for the Office of the Internal Vice President.
Launched the Kosher-Halal Food Program.
Student-authored and researched senate legislation: A Resolution Condemning Anti Semitism and its Normalization.

What I will do as YOUR Senator:
REDUCE the overall cost of student fees by working with the Finance and Business Committee to return rollover budgets in AS entities to the students.
INCLUDE students from all religious backgrounds by working with the Department of Student Affairs and various religious orgs on campus to create a safe space for all religious students to practice and share their religions and cultures with other students.
CREATE a safe environment by working with the Isla Vista Tenants Union, IVCSD and the EVPLA to make sure both the Blue-Light system is implemented in IV along with more street lighting.
REDUCE the cost of textbooks and create better online options by working with AS Book Bank, CALPIRG, the Campus Bookstore, Finance and business and professors.
IMPLEMENT more charging stations in useful spaces such as the Library, SRB and UCEN by working with the administration and AS.

Feel free to email me at jian662@ucsb.edu with any questions!Vote YEHUDA JIAN as your 1ST CHOICE for Off-Campus Senator and CAMPUS UNITED down the ballot!!

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