Tyler Ferguson

Tyler Ferguson


Hey UCSB! My name is Tyler Ferguson and I am running to be your next President.

In a year of uncertainty, anxiety, and chaos, I want to return the Presidency to the students’ hands, where it belongs. I am one of you. I hate the pettiness and toxicity of Associated Students. A.S. should be about helping students, not personal enrichment. You deserve a President who is in this fight for you, not themselves. As this is a special election and this Presidency is interim, we have to think realistically about what can be accomplished in such a short period of time. As such, I will not follow the typical candidate statement where students make tired, impossible, and impractical promises like free wifi on the beach or building a NewCen. Instead, I pledge to you to provide necessary, common-sense changes to campus policy, and promise to work tirelessly every day in serving you as your next President.

In my time at UCSB, I have:

- Served as a Senator: Sponsored legislation to create two International Student Senator seats to ensure equitable representation for all students, allocated $80,000 of relief grants to students impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic, established two new A.S. Boards to promote art, culture, and political activism on campus, and passed a resolution supporting rolling over leftover meal plan swipes in the dining halls.

- Chaired Isla Vista Arts Board: Ran weekly executive Board meetings, sponsored virtual art and culture events for UCSB students, and provided a creative outlet for Gauchos to express themselves through.

- Represented UCSB students on Committees of Honoraria, Finance and Business, Internal Affairs, Basic Needs, and the COVID-19 Task Force.

As your next President, I will:

- Stabilize an unstable institution by working with anyone and everyone to provide necessary, tangible changes for students.

- Fight for more Pandemic relief aid for UCSB students by creating grants from excess A.S. funds, collaborating with other A.S. executives and boards such as the Isla Vista Tenants Union to focus on COVID-19’s impact on our campus community, and meeting with UCSB administration and local officials to lobby for more financial assistance.

- Increase transparency by conducting a State of the School report during my term, highlighting the issues students are facing and what our office is doing to address them.

- Veto any Senate legislation that misuses student fees.

- Work with CARE, CAPS, and the Title IX office to ensure my office believes, supports, and stands with survivors.

For an empathetic, driven, and experienced President, vote Tyler Ferguson on GOLD 1/11-1/14.

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