Endorsed by:

Tianna White
Internal Vice President
Campus United (2018-20)


Hey Y’all!

My name is Tianna White and I am a third year Political Science major pursuing a minor in Professional Writing. I’m running to be YOUR next Internal Vice President with CAMPUS UNITED!

My goal as the next Internal Vice President is to lead a productive, FAIR Senate. I want to ensure that students get the most out of their student fees, and it is my goal to support an Association that benefits the experience of ALL students.

-Current Off-Campus Senator
-First Pro-Tempore for the 70th Senate
-Fellow for the EVPLA Office
-Collegiate member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority
-Santa Cruz Hall Council Member

CREATE an emergency fund for students impacted by unforeseen circumstances, such as the recent pandemic. Unexpected instances like these are the reason why AS must have a support system in place for our students. This fund will be accessible for students who need to break their leases, find storage units, or pay rent in a financial crisis. Our campus can be safer and more proactive by establishing an AS emergency fund.

SUPPORT STUDENT BUSINESS by creating an “IV Hustles” Facebook page/newsletter, which would highlight the different services/products that students are selling. Our campus is in need of a positive atmosphere in which students can support one another!

PUBLISH weekly informational graphics that explain what is going on in the Senate that week. Increase basic knowledge on AS by providing an easy and accessible platform where students can see exactly what legislation is being voted on.

A HEALTHY SENATE: Ensure that ALL senators have proper training and collaboration time. I aim to make the Senate as productive of a space as possible, and that starts with making sure I have a positive relationship with each individual senator.

Feel free to email me at tiannawhite@ucsb.edu with any questions, I would be happy to talk! Don’t forget to vote CAMPUS UNITED down the ballot and TIANNA WHITE for Internal Vice President!

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