Endorsed by:

Sara Rubin

Sara Rubin
Student Advocate General


Hello everyone so I know this past year has been filled with many unexpected twists and turns. As Student Advocate General my top priority is to be a viable resource for students who need an extra hand during these uncertain circumstances.
- Chief of Staff at UCSB Model UN Team
- Political Consultant Intern for Jaffe Strategies
- Teen Court Juror for City of Calabasas
-Journalist for Daily Nexus

In this role I am driven to accomplish THREE IMPORTANT GOALS:

ADVOCACY- I want to ensure students of all backgrounds and experiences are represented and have their needs EMPOWERED by combating biases. As a first generation African American foster youth (guardian scholar), I understand first hand how easy it is to be overlooked in society. I NEVER want a UCSB student to feel like their needs are valued less compared to their peers. This includes greater incorporation of LGBTQ+ and BIPOC students.

ACCESSIBILITY- Here at UCSB we offer a multitude of resources that help mitigate the obstacles students face. Especially during current times it is more important than ever that students have access to basic needs. As Student Advocate General I want to help promote these resources in a clear manner so students have greater ease accessing these vital tools. This includes efforts such as BUILDING ONE CENTRAL WEBSITE TO ACCESS ALL RESOURCE LINKS so students can readily contact the appropriate advisor to address any campus needs.

COLLABORATION- My goal is to create a safe and open space where students can address there needs and concerns to the student body government. I'll begin this by implementing an online quarterly forum for students to openly speak with campus administration. I will be a source of information to alert the community about their rights and ensure active communication between the students and Judicial Affairs Board.

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