Endorsed by:

Nadav Kempinski
Collegiate Senator - Engineering


What’s up y’all!

I'm NADAV KEMPINSKI, a third year straight out of the mechanical engineering major and into an individual major I created, HUMAN CENTERED ENGINEERING. My major, just like my campaign for CoE Senate, is about connecting engineering with other opportunities and resources on campus.

What does my major mean for you?

I KNOW HOW TO WORK WITH CoE: I got the Faculty Executive Committee to APPROVE MY MAJOR. Yes, your professors looked at my petition to include L&S classes and approved it -- I know how to work with CoE to get us what we need.

My involvements on campus include:

Adventure Programs, Model UN, Engineers w/o Borders, Design for America, Sigma Eta Pi, Innovation Council, Gaucho Tour Guides, AS Executive Office, Lobby Corps, Sunrise Movement and TableTalk (I created).

-> CONNECTIONS ON CAMPUS: We have skill sets that could elevate other campus activities. Let’s create projects that engineering students can take up around campus (and put on their resumes) -- a vote for Nadav is a push to gain access to HANDS-ON projects around campus.

Some ideas I would fight for:

INNOVATE CAPSTONE: Capstone is hard, especially when we’re jumping right into half-finished projects. I want to INCREASE SELF-CREATED PROJECT RESOURCES so we can come up with our own ideas, design and implement solutions to problems we care about -- with the same ease as taking up a company-proposed project.

IMPROVE THE JOB SEARCH: Our engineering career office hours were axed during Winter 2020. Let’s get career resources out to everyone so the search can be ~a bit~ more bearable: one access point for sample cover letters / resumes and access to companies with connections to UCSB. The job grind is tough with cover letter after cover letter. Let’s get the university involved to make this easier for everyone.

Text me at (858) 882-7116 for more in-depth Senate talk -- a vote for NADAV is a vote for action in CoE!

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