Endorsed by:

Melissa  Perez
Student Advocate General


ey UCSB!

My name is Melissa Perez,

I’m a 3rd year Chicanx Studies major, minoring in Poverty, Inequality and Social Justice, I’m an Aquarius ☀, Leo ☽, Virgo ↑, and stoked 2 run to be YOUR next STUDENT ADVOCATE GENERAL

The last 3 years I’ve spent getting to know this university and our community. I learn with the intention to heal + grow in and with the spaces I choose to immerse myself in; AS is no exception. My years in AS allowed me to live in the crevices its system allows for change, so I know how to navigate AS spaces. My work experience, from fast food restaurants to mixing paint at Home Depot, has allowed me to develop skills on problem solving and community building. These experiences allow me to bring a unique insight to problem-solving. They allow me to understand our student body as complex and multi-dimensional; our interests and experiences shift, so the answers to our problems must move accordingly. I’m ready to serve y’all to the best of my abilities, which is why I’ve chosen to run to be your next STUDENT ADVOCATE GENERAL! Here are some of my other qualifications:

On-Campus Senator on ASUCSB’s 69th Senate
SERVING Finance and Business Committee: ALLOCATING 13 Million dollars in student fees
LOBBIED on behalf of UCSB students, pushing to lower tuition + addressing food/housing insecurity

As your next SAG, I will:

NEGOTIATE with admin to lower the GPA requirement for academic probation, PRIORITIZING student’s mental health
IMPLEMENT a confidential online appointment system for students to have access to OSA services from the comfort of their homes
ELIMINATE the $70 fee for The Alcohol and Drug Program, ensuring more equitable access for students to complete their mandated CASE work
DEDICATE a division of caseworkers in the SAG office to work exclusively HELPING undocumented students with issues involving the university



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