Endorsed by:

Marcello Cutri
Collegiate Senator - Letters & Science
Campus United (2018-20)


Hello Fellow Chos!

I’m Marcello Cutri, a third year Global studies major pursuing a Technology Management Program Certification and minor in Art History. I am running to be YOUR next College of Letters and Science Senator with Campus United!

I get it. There is pandemic going on. So why do you care? Online classes won’t last forever and for the time being, here’s why this is pretty important:

UCSB and the Isla Vista community has given me, and all of us, a lot. Coming from south Florida, Isla Vista helped me find some of my best friends and pursue my passions. I want to give back by creating new community standards that aim to help the student body, keeping us more INFORMED, ENGAGED, and SAFE!

Internship at Kenner & Impertel law firm
Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Member
SB Snow Club Staff Member

New standards for multiple exams in one day that require professors to make accommodations
A “Virtual Complain box” that allows for students to anonymously voice concerns within the school and would be reviewed by senate
More study spaces during midterm and finals season by utilizing an effective system for reserving empty classrooms on campus
By hosting a quarterly TOWN HALL where students are informed about statistics of new drugs and/or violence occurring in the community and about their roles and responsibilities within IV
Students about difficult course work at UCSB by red flagging them on Gold when professors recommend pairing the class with a lighter course load
With clubs like the coastal commission fund to help find innovative ways to combat cliff erosion and provide students with data of cliff erosion on their block
With sustainability clubs like EAB and Greeks Go Green to reduce waste on campus and in Isla Vista
With YOU to make sure UCSB and IV is somewhere you are proud to be!

Contact me with any concerns at Mcutri@ucsb.edu. Vote MARCELLO CUTRI as your #1 L&S Senator and vote CAMPUS UNITED!

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