Endorsed by:

Fabian Oseguera
Off Campus Senator
Campus United (2018-20)


Hello everyone, my name is Fabian Oseguera and I am a second-year honors student pursuing a double major in Communication and Film & Media Studies and I am beyond excited to announce that I will be running to be YOUR next Off-Campus Senator with CAMPUS UNITED!

I am prepared and dedicated to making yours and everyone else’s college experiences the best they can be! Isla Vista is a tight-knit community filled with diverse cultures, making it one of the most unique and welcoming college towns around as it has something for everyone. As a result of such a unique community, there are many concerns and voices left unheard, and as YOUR next off-campus senator, I’m going to make sure these issues and problems get addressed promptly and effectively.

-INCREASE study spaces available off-campus for residents of Isla Vista in order for them to have convenient locations to study.
-PROVIDE tenants of Isla Vista with a sufficient amount of resources that will aid them in dealing with property management companies and leases that will prevent students from being taken advantage of
-IMPLEMENT a rental system in the library where students can borrow laptop and/or phone chargers
-EXPAND blue light systems into Isla Vista along with lighting expansion projects in order to increase the safety of community residents
-PROVIDE residents of Isla Vista with consistent and easy training on Naloxone, a nasal spray that can save the lives of people who have overdosed
-INSPIRE environmental consciousness in residents of Isla Vista along with the improvement of local recycling and compost systems
-INCREASE the amount of school supplies, such as Scantrons, that can be bought in stores off-campus

VOTE Fabian Oseguera as your #1 choice for Off-Campus Senator and make sure to VOTE for CAMPUS UNITED! I am thrilled to run as your next Off-Campus Senator and with the help of your vote, we can make WAVES of change!

Any questions? Feel free to reach me at fabi.oseguera@gmail.com

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