Endorsed by:

Daniel Mitchell
Collegiate Senator - Creative Studies
Campus United (2018-20)


Hi CCS Gauchos! My name is Daniel Mitchell and I am running to be your Collegiate Senator. I am a second year Music Composition major, and I am also working toward a Political Science double major. I am excited to continue my work as AS Senator representing the College of Creative Studies.
CCS is a small college, but an important one nonetheless. We partake in tireless research, produce creative and artistic works, and give back to the community, accomplishing things in our own way. But more often than not, CCS is forgotten in the affairs of Associated Students and student leadership. I am trying to change that. One of my main goals as CCS Senator will be to get CCS students more involved in AS affairs. I intend to make enthusiastic participation a legacy of my time on senate.
As Senator representing the College of Creative Studies, my mission is to advocate for our interests to the main student organization of UCSB. Those interests include creating outlets for CCS students to showcase their work, providing more opportunities for research and projects, and advocating for the inclusion of CCS students in AS activities. I look forward to continuing my work with AS executives, fellow senators, and general members to represent CCS properly.

- Associated Students
- Senator representing CCS
- Member of the finance and business committee
- Liaison to IV Arts and the Zero Waste Committee
- Member of LobbyCorps
- UCSB Campus Democrats

My goals:
- Increase the presence of CCS students in AS through outreach within the college
- Give CCS students a chance to shine and present their work to the rest of the school through various AS entities and events
- Revive and reform the CCS student council, so students from all CCS majors are represented and our voices are heard

I am excited to represent CCS meaningfully and get us more involved in AS! Vote DANIEL MITCHELL for CCS SENATOR with CAMPUS UNITED!

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