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Britney Walton

Britney Walton
Student Advocate General


Hey there! 🙂

My name is Britney Walton, I’m humbled to be running as your next Student Advocate General! 😉 I’m a 3rd year Sociology/ Dance double major with an Applied Psychology Minor.
My journey through UCSB was no walk in the park. But, it has provided me immense eagerness and compassion to advocate for the autonomy of student’s voices. I’m more than ready to get to work as YOUR next STUDENT ADVOCATE GENERAL. Below is my past work:

My Experience:

- A.S.Mental Health Special Projects Director
- Co-Chair for A.S. Public and Mental Health Commission
- Mental Health Coordinator for the EVPSA Office
- Help fund/pass COVID-19 Relief Bill, Public Sanitation, led UC Pen Pal Program
- Created UCSB Peer Support Program
- University Community and Housing Services Assistant
- Youth Chair for National Alliance on Mental Illness + much more!

My Vision:


Establishing a 24/7 online appointment system.
Allowing students to schedule confidential appointments with Caseworkers + Establishing student advocacy resource database.


Quarterly Town Halls addressing the needs of the UCSB community.
Including campus orgs, A.S. entities, and administration. Establishing quarterly goals as a community to address needs and create action items to divest and invest back to the community.


Mental Health Services on and off campus to enrolled UCSB students.
By collaborating with DSP (Disabled Student Program), to restructure policies around Mental Health and Academic Performance. Expanding additional services to CAPS, and Health and Wellness.


Housing Caseworker Division and SAG Office Grant.
Assisting in the support and advocacy for all housing matters for students on and off-campus.
Establishing a SAG Office Grant to assist students facing financial hardship to cover (ie: $70 CASE fee, $350 Housing Cancellation, etc ) focusing on restorative measures.

Help make this possible! VOTE Britney Walton #1 SAG!

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