Endorsed by:

Brandon Villarreal
Transfer Senator
Isla Vista Party (2018-22)


Hello! I am Brandon Villarreal, I use he/they pronouns, and I am running to be your next Transfer Senator with Isla Vista Party! I am currently a third-year majoring in political science with a minor in back studies.
My purpose for running is to help bring attention issues that would normally wouldn’t be given the light of day. Being a first-generation student who is also a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I have tried my best to include the voices and many different perspectives of my communities in conversations they should have been a part of in the first place. I have planned and helped coordinate everything from senior prom and homecoming game/dance to philanthropy events and concerts. Although I have only been here for a short amount of time, I have experienced plenty to get an understanding of what needs to be done. The events I have witnessed taking place in Isla Vista and the surrounding area is unacceptable. I have already began discussing with some other Isla Vista Party senators and we have some ideas about how to make IV a safer place for all students, not just a select few. In my short time here, I have had to cope with the passing of my brother and the loss of a job all within the same quarter. While the university was more than helpful through EOP, CAPS, and financial crisis, I saw first-hand the opportunism for improvement that could be taken. I also am amazed at how little I knew about these services coming in and how little outreach I believe was done. We have all these services available, let’s make our students are using them.
Through my experience as being elected/appointed as class president in high school, chaplain of my social organization at my previous institution the University of San Francisco, Health & Safety Commissioner at Los Angeles Valley College, and most recently as administrative chair of UCSB’s Queer Commission, I can assure my peers that I will work diligently to bring attention to the issues that we face as a community. I am

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