Endorsed by:

Angel  Diaz
Off Campus Senator
Isla Vista Party (2018-22)


Hello Zoom Students of UCSB!
My name is ANGEL DIAZ and my pronouns are he/they. I am a second year, First-Generation Queer Latinx Student double majoring in Film & Media and Chicanx Studies with a minor in Production & Design and proudly running as YOUR next OFF CAMPUS Senator with Isla Vista Party.
External/Marketing Chair for the Latinx LGBTQ+ organization, La Familia de Colores
Member of Theta Nu Kappa Multicultural and Academic Fraternity Inc.
Historian for Theta Nu Kappa Multicultural and Academic Fraternity Inc.
Alumni Chair for Theta Nu Kappa Multicultural and Academic Fraternity Inc.
Originally, I am from Bell Gardens, California, next to East Los Angeles. However, after being at UCSB for two years, I now call Isla Vista my new home.
With Isla Vista being home for YOU and I, my goal is to improve the unfavorable living conditions WE have encountered in Isla Vista housing. As your next Off Campus Senator, I would be working on creating a safer, inclusive, and affordable living place for ALL students living Off Campus.
The Plan for US:
COLLABORATE with Isla Vista Tenant Union and the External Vice President for Local Affairs in creating a more efficient resource center that allows students to navigate and understand their rights as tenants.
GENERATE a quicker process of obtaining emergency loans and grants before an eviction notice is given.
REDUCE food insecurity by expanding the limit of meal vouchers students are allowed to obtain throughout the quarter.
WORK on affordable housing in Isla Vista by working alongside Isla Vista Tenant Union, External Vice President for Local Affairs, and Santa Barbara County.
I am running for US and for the CHANGES that need to be done NOW.
Vote ANGEL DIAZ as your #1 choice for OFF CAMPUS Senator, Vote ISLA VISTA PARTY!

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