Endorsed by:

Ahura “Ahu” Nezhad
Transfer Senator
Campus United (2018-20)


Hi, my fellow gauchos! My name is Ahura “Ahu” Nezhad, I’m a third-year Psychological & Brain Sciences major and I’m running to be YOUR next transfer senator with Campus United!
Being an immigrant and having to learn the American culture from scratch, I encountered the same obstacles that every marginalized American has. Nevertheless, the Transfer experience is enough to overwhelm anyone, let alone other obstacles transfers face such as an inappropriate transfer housing system, lack of mental health resources, a global pandemic that is severely affecting student life as a whole and lack of credible research revealing the inefficient infrastructure surrounding the transfer student body. Transfer or not, the average Gaucho must be heard, and I have the means to make that happen.
.Founding member and the President of IJC (Iranian Jewish Club)
.Long time member and partner of Wolf-PAC
.Instrumental member of The Green Movement
.ESTABLISH a Research Initiative Program -This initiative will seek to conduct critical research on the transfer student body in order to provide survey data on transfer-related issues involving housing, safety, and mental health
.INCREASE food diversity & quality in dining commons, including the addition of Halal/Kosher foods
.EXTEND the 2-year housing guarantee - Lobbying and using legislative tools to provide accessible housing for transfers beyond their two years at UCSB
.CREATE appropriate accommodation tools for transfer students to transition from on-campus housing to an off-campus location
.EXPAND the GUIDES Transfer Summer Orientation (GTSO) program to provide vital resources and campus knowledge to first-generation and low-income transfer students in addition to the entire incoming transfer body prior to their arrival at UCSB - Efforts include collaborations with the Student Initiated Recruitment & Retention Committee (SIRRC) & the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
- REACH ME AT ahura.ucsb.edu or (818)720-8101

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