Trenten Francis
Off Campus Senator
Campus United (2018-20)


Hey Gauchos!

My name is Trenten Francis, I am a third-year transfer Political Science major and I’m running to be YOUR next Off-Campus Senator with Campus United!

It has been a joyful experience becoming a part of the UCSB and Isla Vista community. However, my time here has also enlightened me to various needs of improvement. I am committed to hearing the wishes of all residents in Isla Vista and finding effective ways to improve our local way of life. I am determined to work alongside numerous AS offices, local organizations, and other senate members to reach my goals of creating a better Isla Vista for all community members.

My Experience:
-Social Media Intern at UCSB Athletics
-Member of Political Science Club at UCSB
-Member of United Nations Club at College of Marin

My Plan:

Isla Vista Community:
-DEVELOP Isla Vista Landlord and tenant relations with the help of A.S. Isla Vista Tenants Union (IVTU) through programs like “Rate my Landlord.”
-REFORM IV waste and littering management with approachable recycling programs and regular coastal/park clean ups.
-IMPROVE IV bike and scooter friendliness by implementing intersection mirrors, street signs, and clearer lanes.

Student Life:
-INCREASE textbook and class material accessibility by lowering prices and working with professors to achieve online open-access textbooks.
-CREATE library-wide access to phone and computer chargers in addition to available outlets in all cubicles and study spaces.
-IMPROVE computer resources and study space in the Pardall Center.

VOTE Trenten Francis for Off-Campus Senator and VOTE for Campus United! Make Waves!

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