Endorsed by:

Tianna White
Off Campus Senator
Campus United (2018-20)


Hey Gauchos!

My name is Tianna White, I am a second-year Political Science major and I’m running to be YOUR next Off-Campus Senator with Campus United!

Isla Vista is a unique community that truly has something for everybody, but also comes with its fair share of unique problems. I am dedicated to addressing those problems and helping Isla Vista become a safer and better community for ALL of its residents. By working with different offices, entities, and other Senate members, I want to create tangible changes that work for you.

-Fellow for the EVPLA Office
-Santa Cruz Hall Council Representative
-Collegiate member of Alpha Chi Omega

What I will do for YOU:
-Create a consistent training program that provides students with the capabilities and means to deploy Naloxone, a nasal spray that can help save the life of overdose victims
-Expand blue light systems into Isla Vista and continue lighting expansion projects by collaborating with the EVPLA Office to address student safety concerns
-Improve student-law enforcement relations by establishing consistent “Know Your Rights” workshops and a public forum where students can directly address CSO and IVFP agents, especially during Halloween and Deltopia weekend

-Extend the availability of free menstrual products beyond the Chi-5 residence halls and into all on-campus restrooms
-Advocate for mental health by creating new wellness/de-stress campaigns that are specific to Isla Vista, increase the number of massage chairs on campus, and add new egg chairs to the library
-Establish a rental system in the Library where students can borrow computer and phone chargers
-Lower textbook prices by working directly with professors to achieve online open-access textbooks

VOTE Tianna White as your #1 choice for Off-Campus Senator and VOTE for Campus United! Together, we can make WAVES of change!

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