Endorsed by:

Sarah Danielzadeh
Collegiate Senator - Letters & Science
Isla Vista Party (2018-22)


What’s up UCSB !!
My name is SARAH DANIELZADEH & I’m so stoked to be running to be YOUR next Letters & Science Senator with Isla Vista Party. I’m a second year from Simi Valley, CA (shoutout Real Bros of Simi) working towards a Psychology degree with an English minor. I’m super passionate about enhancing what it means to be a Gaucho at UCSB & I am running because I’m a strong believer in a student’s ability to make real change on and off campus.

-ASB Vice President
-President of Future Doctors of America Club
-Captain of Varsity Swim Team
-Social Event Chair/Merchandise Chair for Alpha Delta Pi

COLLABORATE with department heads & professors to encourage the addition of new majors that are a better fit for the current job market & are up-to-date with our generation’s interests
MODIFY GOLD so that students are able to easily enroll in their major courses & graduate on time; updating the waitlist system to prioritize upper-standing students who need certain classes pertaining to their majors
STRENGTHENING professor accessibility & removing the additional fees associated with changing a grading option past the deadline
EXPANDING services provided by CLAS to better respond to a wider variety of classes & to accommodate different learning methods & EXTEND CLAS services to provide one-on-one affordable tutoring sessions
PROMOTE the addition of classes such as Excel proficiency workshops that are necessary for many current job opportunities & internships
DEVELOP an online page in which students can easily connect with others in their majors & create study groups
PROVIDE student health services on the weekends & pursue more effective measures to promote women’s safety both on & off campus
ORGANIZING a way for students to come together & participate in marches and events pertaining to their passions & interests (i.e. March for Our Lives, March for Science)

VOTE Sarah Danielzadeh as your #1 CHOICE for L&S Senator & VOTE Isla Vista Party

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