Mina York
Off Campus Senator
Isla Vista Party (2018-22)


Hi hi,

My name is Mina York and I am a third year, majoring in Sociology. With YOUR votes I want to be YOUR next Off-Campus Senator. I am a Filipinx/white, bisexual, ENFJ, Pisces woman from Northern California. My main mode of transportation is my skateboard, and I am both an early bird/night owl, and able to pull that off because I am a napping queen. Thus far, I have had a great amount of experience both inside and outside of A.S. that I plan to bring with me to senate!
My involvement in spaces both Associated Students and outside of A.S. makes me qualified to be YOUR next off-campus Senator:

Womxn Hacks: President
- CREATED a space for women from UCSB and outside UCSB to learn how to create apps, websites, and other coding projects.
Association of Multiethnic Persons: Co-Chair
- FOSTER a space for multiethnic students to talk about their experiences.
- ESTABLISHED a relationship with the MCC and other cultural orgs on campus.
Public and Mental Health Commission: Financial Coordinator
- PROVIDE a resource for students to talk about public and mental health issues on campus such as: UC SHIP
- HOST my own events such as
I plan to:
- ESTABLISH an AS union for ethnically mixed people
- RENOVATE classrooms: south hall, north hall, girvetz, etc.
o Keep them stacked with supplies (i.e. chalk, erasers, possibly switching to all white boards)
o Finding a better use for the space that the lockers take up
- CREATE a scholarship program to pay for student app fees for grad/law/med school, and/or the tests and prep classes
- CREATE scholarships or grants for students who are in need of OFF-campus housing
o Create a directory for IV that labels and includes its resources such as: community gardens, parks, clothing donation bins, recycling bins, the newly established farm on West Campus

Vote Mina #1 as YOUR next Off-Campus senator and vote for ISLA VISTA PARTY!

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