Endorsed by:

Emma Swanson
On Campus Senator
Campus United (2018-20)



I’m Emma Swanson, a first-year Physics major, and I’m running to be your next On-Campus Senator with Campus United! I love UCSB for its colorful sunsets and collaborative environment; however, UCSB can always be improved. As your On-Campus Senator, I will work to unlock UCSB’s full potential.

-President and Founder of Animal Rescue Club at my high school: organized pet food and supplies drives and a sponsored fundraiser
-Volunteer at my local animal shelter for seven years: received a youth recognition award for service to the community

What I Want to Accomplish:
-Address HIGH TEXTBOOK COSTS through increased used book sales, increased awareness and support of existing resources, and expansion of scanners and course reserves at the library
-Implement year-round FARMERS MARKETS on campus to increase accessibility to healthy, organic, and locally sourced food
-BEAUTIFY CAMPUS through mural projects
-Increase awareness and scope of COMPOSTING and other environmentally friendly practices on campus and in IV
-Expand STUDY SPACES and hours at the SRB and UCen during midterms
-Increase TRANSPARENCY and advertisement of AS office hours and events

As your On-Campus Senator, I WILL ADVOCATE FOR YOU and work to solve the problems that you encounter at UCSB. I promise to work toward creating a campus environment where ALL GAUCHOS are comfortable and advocated for. Please reach out to me at emmaswanson@ucsb.edu if you have any questions.

Vote for me and Campus United to have your voice heard! MAKE WAVES!

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