Endorsed by:

Ektaa Tendolkar
Off Campus Senator
Isla Vista Party (2018-22)


Hello my loves!!
My name is EKTAA TENDOLKAR, & I am a third year Political Science major and 1st generation Indian-American student who wants to represent YOU as your next Off-Campus SENATOR. We’re all out here trying to balance school, jobs, community involvement AND personal lives and I know it’s not easy breezy. I feel that I have a personal narrative that allows me to understand some of the challenges you all may be facing as students here at UCSB; I hope that together we can come up with some ways to make these struggles a little less daunting.

My Current Involvements:
→ Finance Officer, AS Finance and Business Committee
→ UCSB Agni classical team
→ UCSB Dhadkan philanthropy

But what am I tryna do for YOU??
INCREASE ACCESSIBILITY OF CAPS: I know how hard it is to get an appointment halfway through the quarter, and that’s when students need MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT the most. Along with that, I want to work to create some ACCESSIBLE resources in Isla Vista because I think as a community, we should have access to reasonably priced counseling.
EXPAND AS FOOD BANK: I know that having access to food can be a STRUGGLE but we all need to be eating good in order to make it through each quarter! I want to ESTABLISH more locations where students without FOOD SECURITY will be able to access resources throughout Isla Vista.
SOLIDIFY THE RESOLUTION TO HAVE FREE MENSTRUAL PRODUCTS ON CAMPUS: If the school is offering students free condoms, I think it’s only fair to have access to free menstrual products as well.
DECREASE HOSTILE POLICE PRESENCE: I know personally I sometimes feel MORE anxiety instead of safe when I see a bunch of cops around for events like Halloween and Deltopia. I hope to work with IVFP and UCPD to LESSEN the amount of negative interactions students have with police in IV.

VOTE EKTAA TENDOLKAR #1 off-campus senator and VOTE Isla Vista Party on GOLD!!

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