Endorsed by:

Diana Reyes Carrillo
Collegiate Senator - Engineering


Hi all!

I’m DIANA REYES, a fourth-year studying computer science student, and I am running to be your next College of Engineering senator.

I am running completely INDEPENDENT, which means I will strive to represent you beyond any party lines.

I completely understand when someone says “we have an engineering senator?” because there is no forefront representative passionate about making the changes they promised when they were running for the position.
I have spent the last four years ~and will spend another year~ following that notorious GEAR book. Through those arduous years of Math, PSTAT, and that one European traditions requirement, I’ve noticed that there is a great amount of opportunity for change in the College of Engineering. We can begin to accelerate that change through avid representation in Associated Students.

These words and thoughts are completely mine, and I am passionate about the vision I hope to bring to you.

From one ~tired engineer to another, here is my vision:

EXPAND TECHNOLOGY ACCESSIBILITY: I will work to make 3D printers and lendable Linux laptops more accessible for students in the College of Engineering. Our accessibility to certain technologies should not hinder our overall education at UCSB.

EXPAND CLAS COURSE LIST: I will to work to expand the CLAS services to include help for students in all REQUIRED lower division engineering classes.

INCREASE NUMBER OF ENGINEERING SENATORS: There are currently over 1,400 undergraduate engineering students, but only one senator to represent us all. I will work to increase representation to the engineering department through the addition of at least ONE MORE senator.

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