Daniel  Segura-Esquivel
Off Campus Senator
Isla Vista Party (2018-22)


Hi Everyone!

My name is DANIEL SEGURA and my pronouns are He/Him/His. I am a proud First-Generation, Latino student majoring in Sociology and Communication, with an Education minor, who is READY to represent you and SERVE as your Off-Campus Senator! I know I am someone who WILL voice the needs of students and put pressure on the institution that we PAY to serve ALL of us. I want to work with YOU for the best UCSB possible!

Early Academic Outreach Program Intern
Queer Commission Outreach Coordinator
Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity Volunteer
Chancellor Scholar
Co-Founder of local “Good Enough Scholarship” for Pioneer Valley FFA

Apart from working to establish a STRONGER and more EFFICIENT campus WiFi network and bringing EXPANSION to the bike racks across UCSB, I want to:
-EXTEND the hours of Student Health, CAPS, and Financial Aid making them more accessible for all students for them to properly service our large student population.
-IMPLEMENT Test Material vending machines at major lecture halls such as Campbell Hall and IV Theater, to ensure students have accessibility to scantrons and blue books regardless of where they live, to eliminate dependence on the hours and supply of stores.
-WORK with organizations to ADD Anti-Blackness, Sexuality and Gender Diversity, and Mental Health trainings to all UCSB employees, as well as Campus organizations.
-ESTABLISH resources, such as pop-up shops, electronic bulletin boards, and greater collaboration with Isla Vista locations to ensure off campus students are receiving the same access to information as on-campus students.

UCSB I want to be as accessible and transparent with you as possible so feel free to reach out to me at dseguraesquivel@ucsb.edu for any further questions, comments, or concerns! Let’s work together to get this campus in formation, so please VOTE DANIEL SEGURA as YOUR #1 Choice for Off-Campus Senator, and and vote ISLA VISTA PARTY!

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