Christian Ornelas
External Vice President - Local Affairs
Isla Vista Party (2018-22)


What’s up UCSB!?

My name is Christian Ornelas and I’m a 3rd year Environmental Studies major running to be YOUR next EVPLA!

Having lived in IV for the last two years, I’ve noticed some serious problems occurring in our community. If I’m not out on the street looking for parking, you can probably find me beefing with my landlord or trying to clean the shower mold that never seems to go away??? As EVPLA, I will do my ABSOLUTE best to resolve the issues that prevent us from living our BEST lives, and I will strive to make sure that our community is inclusive for students of all backgrounds.

My Qualifications:
-AS Off-Campus Senator working on environmental and public health issues in IV
-Vice Chair of the AS Finance & Business Committee responsible for allocating $500k to student groups
-AS Senate Liaison to the Environmental Affairs Board & Isla Vista Tenants Union
-Chair of the AS Senate Committee on Mold

My plans for IV:
-RESOLVE the mold issue in IV by holding landlords and county officials accountable for enforcing housing code violations
-IMPROVE community safety by fostering better relations with the existing police presence and working to increase education on safe alcohol and drug use
-ESTABLISH a platform for community-led classes. This can include anything from adulting and dancing, to art and a course on the impact Frank Ocean has had on our generation
-SUPPORTING community art and businesses by creating a space where folks can showcase and sell art, clothes, etc. I’m thinking a bi-monthly farmer’s market?
-INCREASE and expand recycling and composting infrastructure throughout IV
-MAXIMIZE the availability of parking in IV by creating marked spots along sidewalks
-CONTINUE the lighting expansion efforts of the current EVPLA and other groups to light up the further blocks of IV
-FINALLY get us park wifi (I think I can do it)

Questions? Email me at

Vote CHRISTIAN ORNELAS for EVPLA and don’t forget to vote IV Party!

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