Alya Ruiz
Collegiate Senator - Letters & Science
Campus United (2018-20)


Hello everyone!

My name is Alya Ruiz and I am running to be your next L&S Senator with Campus United!

My Qualifications and Accomplishments:

- UC Advocacy Network Ambassador: Serve as a liaison between students and the University of California's government relations teams to influence state policies and budget decisions.
- Lobby in Washington D.C. and Sacramento on behalf of students, advocating for higher education, Title IX reform, and budget proposals to ensure that our tuition remains flat.
- Communications Director for the External Vice President of Statewide Affairs Office: Help represent UC Santa Barbara on a UC, state, and national level.
- Student Affairs Student Council Member: Provide the Division of Student Affairs with insight into student needs.
- Member of Kappa Alpha Theta
- Member of the Human Rights Board
- Vice President of Students Against Sexual Assault
- Member of Sigma Iota Rho Honors Society for International Studies

What I Will Do:

- SERVE as a liaison between the student body and administration through facilitating quarterly town halls where student needs can be addressed
- EXPAND the number of required books at the library on course reserves to make them more accessible to all students
- ESTABLISH a designated prayer space for Muslim students to hold UCSB to the safety and community obligations promised to its diverse student body
- OUTREACH to underrepresented communities, create committees that meet regularly of marginalized groups and administration for communities to voice concerns
- ENSURE that parking in on-campus lots is free during dead and finals week
- CREATE committees of student leaders and the Division of Student Affairs to increase the productive communication between administration and student government

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at!

VOTE ALYA RUIZ as your 1st choice for L&S Senator! 🙂


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