Nicole Estess
Off Campus Senator
Campus United (2018-20)


Hi Everyone!
How’s it going? My name is Nicole Estess and I’m a first year Bio-Psychology student. I am very excited to run as your next OFF CAMPUS SENATOR with CAMPUS UNITED! UCSB is a center of innovation, diversity, and collaboration. I can promise these principles will drive my leadership and work in representing our community.
Leadership Experience:
-Fellow for the External Vice President of State Affairs office (EVPSA)
-Risk management freshman representative for Alpha Chi Omega
-Completed over 650 hours of community service to the San Diego community and served as president of a local service chapter
-Executive Secretary and four year member of high school student government
-Member of the College of Letters and Sciences honors program

MY GOAL is to first and foremost be a STUDENT advocate, voicing YOUR issues, and being an accessible resource for YOUR ideas.

I plan to preserve and promote the unique and innovative student community though tangible objectives:

INSTALL public hammocks around campus in places such as the campus green and in IV to foster a positive culture
FACILITATE better visibility of student fees and AS funds through easy, accessible infographics widespread around campus, Isla Vista, and online
Work with CAPS to advance PRIVACY and accessibility by working with the vice chancellor of student affairs to increase funding for counselor availability around locations in IV and UCSB.

Publicize services and the accessibility of the Legal Resource Center through outreach events and campaigns
Expand free print centers on campus and into Isla Vista
EMPHASIZE sustainability and PRIORITIZE safety through reforms of UCSB and IV infrastructure such as roads and lightings

Most of all, I want to PROMOTE student empowerment by being an effective VOICE for students to communicate their opinions and work towards change.

Any questions? I would love to answer them! Email me at

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