Endorsed by:

Mordi “Mordi” Shadpour
Off Campus Senator
Campus United (2018-20)


Hey Gauchos!

My name is Mordi Shadpour and I am a second year Philosophy and Linguistics double major and I am extremely excited to be running with CAMPUS UNITED to be YOUR next Off-Campus Senator. As a member of various academic organizations, I feel connected to students from all walks of life.

I will ensure that the COLLECTIVE voice of students is heard. I will work hard to make sure that Isla Vista is safe, clean, and inclusive to all students. TOGETHER, we can improve our community through increased transparency, advocacy and community involvement.

- Swabbed over 1500 students with Gift of Life; Marrow Registry and saved over a dozen lives
- Certified by UCSB Leadership Education & Action Program
- Senior Finance Officer to AS Finance & Business Committee
- Casework to the AS Attorney General’s Office
- President of TAMID Group
- One of three High School Student Council Presidents

- REVAMP financial aid office by updating the website, creating a guide and adding student workers
- ELIMINATE FOOD INSECURITY by bringing the FOOD BANK to Isla Vista
- INCREASE transparency regarding student fees by releasing quarterly reports
- SUPPORT PET HEALTH by bringing expansive vaccinations and grooming to Isla Vista/Campus
- LOWER textbook rental COSTS
- PRIORITIZE safety by bringing more lighting to Isla Vista and fixing roads and bike paths.
- Keep classrooms/lecture halls cool with BETTER AIR CONDITIONING

VOTE Mordi Shadpour for OFF-CAMPUS SENATOR and VOTE Campus United! Together, we can change the current!

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