Endorsed by:

Mayela Morales
External Vice President - Statewide Affairs
Isla Vista Party (2018-22)


Hello, everyone!

I’m Mayela Morales, a fourth year Global Studies/Chicanx Studies double major & Spanish minor and I’m running to be YOUR next EVPSA because I’m tired of seeing students face tuition hikes, food & housing insecurity, & rising student fees. Throughout my career, I’ve blended both legislative and activist methods to accomplish EFFECTIVE CHANGE. I’m not afraid to stand up against administration or elected officials, and have been doing that since my 1st year.

My qualifications:
- United States Student Association Executive Board Member: LOBBIED for funding of higher education such as Pell Grants in DC.
- AS Lobby Corps Internal Director: ORGANIZED lobbying trips to Sacramento & DC to ADVOCATE against tuition hikes and funding for SRB and CAPS services.
- Legislative Outreach Director for the Coalition for a Better UC: Introduced bill to expand CalGrants in the California State Assembly and secured key endorsements from legislators.
- ORGANIZED walkouts against tuition hikes & the Trump administration, collaborated to demand resources for sexual assault survivors & better working conditions for campus workers.

As EVPSA, I will:
- FIGHT against tuition hikes & advocate for increase in funding for the UC through quarterly lobby visits to Sacramento & DC.
- Maintain UCSB’s position as the #1 VOTER registration campus and increasing automatic voter registration, which will ensure we get pro-student candidates elected!
- START a UC-Wide Open-Source Textbook Bank to ensure easy access to free instructional resources both to students and professors at UCSB.
- Lobby for environmental protection for the Santa Barbara Coast after massive oil spills damaged wildlife and infrastructure in our community.

Questions? Email me at mayelaucsb@gmail.com

Vote for MAYELA as your next EVPSA & vote IVP!

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