Madeline Loudon
External Vice President - Statewide Affairs


My name is Madeline Loudon, I am a third year History of Public Policy major, and I am running
to be your next External Vice President for Statewide Affairs.

I currently work in the EVPSA office and have the responsibility of organizing and overseeing
projects, advocacy efforts, and campaigns from our EVPSA staff and statewide partners. Since
having the opportunity to help lead the EVPSA office this year, I have increased collaboration on
projects between the office and campus organizations and communities, have helped register
over 5,700 students to vote, and have served as one of UCSB’s representatives in the UC
Student Association, actively engaging with campaigns and with organizers across the UC

The University of California was founded on the belief that higher education should be equally
available to all people regardless of race, economic status, or social backgrounds. Higher
education is supposed to aid in the advancement of society and the remediation of disparities
between white students and students of color, yet 150 years after the University was founded
our students are still fighting against malicious federal policies, a lack of financial investment
from the state, and an unresponsive university system all of which prohibit people’s access to
education. I will work to give YOU, the student, a chance at fighting back.

I have been working tirelessly for the last three years to uplift the student experience, expand
financial aid and lower tuition, as well as advocate for issues that affect students and their
communities in order to give voice to students at UCSB and beyond our campus. I hope to have
your support in leading our school in the fight for equitable and accessible education.

Legislative Liaison , External Vice President for Statewide Affairs 2018
Isla Vista Community Coordinator, Students Against Sexual Assault, 2018
Co-Chair (Statewide/National and Local) , AS Lobby Corps 2017-2018
Policy Analyst, External Vice President for Statewide Affairs 2017-2018
Intern, UCSB Voter Registration Volunteer Coalition 2017-2018

My Plan:
● LOWER YOUR TUITION - Organize and lobby against UC tuition hikes and work with
state legislators and and regents to identity a long term funding source for the UC’s in
order to lower the cost of tuition.
● EXPAND SEXUAL ASSAULT RESOURCES - Offer student created resources and
expand preventative services and resources for our UCSB and Isla Vista community.
lobby for bills that address the needs of disabled students, increase access to UC
resources and accommodations, and work to de-stigmatize visible and non-visible
disabilities on our campus and throughout the UC system.
Your vote goes a long way to gaining a voice for students at the UC system, State, and the
National level. Please cast your vote today on Gold in this Special Election.

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