Ashley “Shlay” Ng
Off Campus Senator
Isla Vista Party


Hi everyone!

My name is Ashley “Shlay” Ng (she/her/hers) and I am running to be YOUR next Off Campus Senator with The Isla Vista Party!

Here’s a little bit about myself, I am a third year Feminist Studies major. I am currently the Internal Assistant Membership Vice President for Gamma Phi Beta, where I have had the privilege of leading my Membership Selection Committee, and assisting the President and Membership Vice President, in selecting a class of 60 empowered women who embody our 4 core values: love, labor, learning, and loyalty - from the average 800 women who go through recruitment. I am also the Community Manager Intern for a nonprofit based in New York called, eduDAO, where I was able to lead a team of volunteers to help organize several grassroots community building initiatives with ConsenSys: Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition including organizations like UN Women, World Bank Group, UNICEF, and other NGOs.

Being an out of state student from New York City, I am extremely honored to not only have an opportunity to be able to represent my fellow out of state students, but also our entire student body!

What I want to do for YOU:
- Host monthly BENEFIT CONCERTS in IV featuring Isla Vista’s very own artists, aspiring DJs, and musicians with all proceeds going towards a different local CHARITY each month
- CONTINUE the fight for FREE MENSTRUAL PRODUCTS in ALL campus restrooms
- Start an ANNUAL Winter Quarter campus MUSIC FESTIVAL open to UCSB students as well as the public
- MAXIMIZE the OUTDOOR space on campus by organizing more STUDY SPACES on the balconies and roofs of Girvetz, Phelps, and HSSB
- Reallocate FUNDS to organize the utilization of UCSB VEHICLES to DRIVE students home 11pm-1am on weekends for STUDENT SAFETY

It would be my privilege to represent OUR STUDENT BODY in enhancing OUR experience and education at UCSB together!


Endorsed by:

East African Student Association, MSA,