Endorsed by:

Anthony Hernandez
University Owned Off-Campus Senator
Campus United (2018-20)


Hello my fellow Guachos!

My names Anthony Hernandez I am a junior communication major and a transfer student from Monterey California. I am running to be your next University-Owned senator with Campus United. I want to be your voice in senate and i want to make your ideas for our UCSB campus come true. My goal is to make UCSB a campus that truly represents its students.

My community involvement include:
- I am the current Diversity Director of the A.S. Transfer Student Alliance.
- Assisted the Transfer Student Alliance become an official B.C.U. branch of A.S.
- I collaborate with EOP, Transfer Student Center, and ONDAS center to plan events that promote and raise awareness of the diversity of the transfer community here on campus.
- I am one of the leaders for a committee currently planning the first ever UCSB Transfer Graduation Ceremony.

As a Senator I wish to accomplish:
- I plan to make a complete rework of the Transfer Orientation program and make it more informative and comprehensive as it is what transfer students DESERVE.
- I will work with CLAS to expand the program and have tutoring sessions in on-campus apartments.
- I will implement a quarterly Student Organization Fair that will be held in a different University-Owned apartment complexes.
- I will work with Uber to provide discounted prices for rides for students with disabilities and that are injured. If possible i would like expand this to all UCSB students.
- I will reach out and work with Santa Barbara MTD to plan a complete rework of bus transportation. Especially to university-owned apartments.
- I will work with the UCSB Food Bank to expand the program and have a pantry service in university-owned apartments.
- Most importantly i will listen to you, the UCSB community, and work together to make your visions for UCSB become a reality.

Vote ANTHONY HERNANDEZ to be your next UNIVERSITY-OWNED SENATOR and let's make change happen at UCSB together! Vote CAMPUS UNITED!

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