Endorsed by:

Andrew Nguyen
Off Campus Senator
Campus United (2018-20)


How’s it going Gauchos!

I’m Andrew Nguyen, an English/History double major, and I’m super stoked to be running as one of your next Off-Campus Senators with Campus United.

Although I’m just finishing off my first year at UCSB, I really do believe in this community. I believe that we are students who want to be engaged, and want to find a sense of belonging. For that reason, I’m running to keep YOU engaged and help YOU find belonging.

-Presidential Fellowship of UCSB Mock Trial
-Student Ambassador for the Western Association of Schools/Colleges
-High School ASB President

-COMMUNICATION: Opening online forums and submissions where the students can conveniently and directly ask questions or give comments/concerns, knowing they will be personally replied back to. Too many students find their student government inaccessible, and we must explore all the means possible in order to facilitate easy communication.
-TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY: Documenting and publishing the minutes of all AS meetings, so that ANYONE can overlook what AS does on a day-to-day basis. By focusing on transparency, the student body will be able to keep AS accountable for staying productive in materializing the promises that were made during elections.
-ON-CAMPUS RESOURCES IN ISLA VISTA: Opening up offices, such as the Career Center and CAPS, in IV, so that students may have access to the most important student resources without having to make an inconvenient trek towards campus.
-STUDY AREAS IN ISLA VISTA: Transforming open parks throughout IV into places that conducive for studying by adding tables, benches, hammocks, and solar-panel powered charging outlets.
-COMMUNITY IN ISLA VISTA: Conducting events and activities in IV, such as night markets and festivals (to name a couple), that focus to offer students opportunity to socialize and feel proud to be a Gaucho.

VOTE Andrew Nguyen for Off-Campus Senator and VOTE Campus United to help me Change the Current!

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