Endorsed by:

Adam Chohan
Off Campus Senator
Campus United (2018-20)


What’s up fellow Gauchos!

My name is Adam Chohan, and I am running to be your Off-Campus Senator with Campus United!

I am currently a second year studying Chemical Engineering. Being from sunny San Diego, California, the beach is obviously where I thrive. Isla Vista is my home away from home, and I am motivated to make it a safer and better community for students and locals alike. I would love your vote so I can continue the work I have already done in Isla Vista through Associated Students.

Experience and Involvements:
- Officer in Associated Students External Vice President’s of Local Affairs office for two years (Fellow and Commissioner of Police and Community Affairs)
- Gaucho Tour Guide
- San Nicolas Hall Council Floor Representative
- Secretary/Risk Manager of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity
- AMG Bhangra dance team
- American Institute of Chemical Engineers

What I Want To Do For You:
- Expand the Blue Light safety system on campus and branch out into Isla Vista
- Increase CSO personnel in Isla Vista
- Work with IVFP and UCPD to have less police presence in Isla Vista, especially for events like Halloween and Deltopia
- Collaborate with Public Safety Commision to increase recruitment and create more incentives for UCIV volunteers
- Create study specific spaces in Isla Vista
- Assist Isla Vista Parks and Recreation in creating a skate park and dog park
- Create a “Community Court” in Isla Vista to give students more accessible court hearings
- Implement more accessible and public alternative events in Isla Vista
- Create more obvious parking restrictions on campus and in IV
- Advocate for a skateboard only lane through the Arbor

I want to hear from YOU! Email me at adamchohan@umail.ucsb.edu with any questions or concerns that you have. I am here to represent you.

VOTE Adam Chohan for Off-Campus Senator and VOTE Campus United! Together, we can Change the Current!

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