Do you support continued funding of $6.96* (of which $0.99 is for return to aid, and $5.97 will go the Childcare Center) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $5.96* (of which $0.99 is for return to aid, and $4.97 will go to the Childcare Center) for summer quarter for Child Care Center Fee?

Pro Statements

Since 1988 UCSB students have been strong supporters of the Campus Children’s Centers, demonstrating commitment to ‘UCSB’s youngest students’ by affirming the ‘University Children’s Centers and Child Care Support fees’.
With your help we:
Keep our University students in school - subsidizing child care tuition for UCSB student parents who often face serious financial hardship struggling to meet academic obligations and care for their family. Without these funds, many would be unable to attend UCSB or complete their academic obligations to graduate.
Employ over 150 UCSB students quarterly as classroom teaching assistants; supported by on the job training, Peer Mentors, and professional development.
Provide high quality early childhood care and learning for 400 children annually, 3 months to 5 years old. Approximately 30-35% of our parents are UCSB undergraduate or graduate students. We are a dynamic program and we are fiercely devoted to providing our UCSB community with exemplary care and education.
We are proud of our Children’s Centers at UCSB. Our Child Care Centers and programs are simply not possible without UCSB student support.
Please vote YES to reaffirm the Children’s Centers Support Fees.

Con Statements

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