Do you support the continued funding of $1.62, (of which $0.43 for Return to Aid per ASUCSB membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) for The Bottom Line (TBL)?

Pro Statements

The Bottom Line (TBL) is a student-run, student-funded newspaper at UCSB. It started from its roots in 2006 following a series of tenant evictions in Isla Vista, as no other media outlet was covering the growing problem at the time, and has since then pledged to keep the same kind of ethical, independent journalism. Beyond News, TBL offers a variety of sections including Features, Arts & Entertainment, Science & Tech, Opinions, and even photography, art, and video, appearing through both physical periodic newspapers as well as a website. As a university without a dedicated journalism department, it is essential to have an outlet where students interested in journalism can delve into their interests, and further their professional goals. Uniquely, TBL opens its arms to students regardless of experience level, and the editors at the newspaper make sure that it is a safe place for aspiring writers, photographers, artists, etc., to learn and grow.

Affirming the TBL lock-in fee allows for the organization to continue its mission of ethical journalism, facilitated by a student body. It ensures the provision of journalistic opportunities to students of a wide range of interests and experiences, and aims to continue to foster the community it has created for more years to come.

Con Statements

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