Do you support continued funding of $1.69* (of which $0.42 is for return to aid, $0.08 is for a 7% administrative assessment collected on all non-capital expenditures, $0.01 is for the 1% AS recharge fee) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) for The Bottom Line?

Pro Statements

Who are we?
The Bottom Line is a weekly student-run newspaper on campus that focuses on the UCSB community through news, features, arts & entertainment, science & technology and student opinions. The Bottom Line presents Gaucho life through visual storytelling in photography, live reporting, videography and journalistic writing. The Bottom Line provides a multimedia space for journalism that engages UCSB community and serves as a learning space for students interested in journalism to grow professionally. What makes us unique is that TBL continues to be an alternative news source, providing clear, concise, and unbiased news coverage for students, faculty, and staff at UCSB, as well as local community members. We provide a learning space to explore modern approaches to journalism, highlighting areas in multimedia and social media engagement.

What we will do for our campus for our goals next year:
We will improve our user engagement for our online platforms as journalism continues to expand to digital media in the professional field.
We will further promote our multimedia services (e.g our video team, The Line) by increasing our social media presence on our digital platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).
We will provide oppurtunities for students to participate in journalistic conferences to network, learn and grow with other participating student presses to bring back more knowledge on how we can improve as an organization.
We will host large journalism recruitment events, such as fairs or concerts featuring local entertainment and sponsors, to engage the journalistic community.

Con Statements