Do you support continued funding of $26.27* (of which $3.57 is for return to aid, $22.70 will go Student Health) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $22.27* (of which $3.57 is for return to aid, $18.70 will go to Student Health) for summer quarter for Student Health?


Pro Statements

SHS Reaffirmation Fee Pro Statement
Thank you for your continued commitment to support Student Health. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated clearly the difficulties and the need for maintaining continuity of healthcare. Your “YES” vote on the Student Health reaffirmation fee will help us preserve the necessary funding to provide enhanced services to our campus community. This fee reaffirmation, and your "YES" vote, will ensure students have access to Advice Nurses, Alcohol & Drug Counselors, Social Workers, and Thursday evening appointments. Your "YES" vote allows Student Health to continue to provide a wide range of medical and mental health services conveniently located on campus as well as via telemedicine. Student Health did not close its doors during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we shifted care to new areas and adapted to the changing landscape of healthcare delivery. Our mission is to provide essential healthcare services to the UCSB student body and with your "YES" vote to reaffirm the fee we will be able to continue doing so. Stay safe, stay well, and know we are here to meet your healthcare needs, as we look forward to seeing you on campus in the near future.

Con Statements

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