Do you support continued funding of $1.94* (of which $0.30 is for return to aid, $1.64 will go to Recycling) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $1.69* (of which $0.30 is for return to aid, $1.39 will go to Recycling) for summer quarter for Recycling Program?

Pro Statements

The Associated Students Recycling Program has been driving UCSB’s recycling and waste reduction efforts for over 25 years. Today, our program helps the campus, student body, and environment in a variety of important ways:

1. We collect recyclable materials from over 100 outdoor bins or bin sets all over campus as well as several departments. We are the only department on campus that is able to service these locations.
2. We pick up electronic waste from 45 locations on campus and ship it to processors located exclusively in the United States, NEVER overseas.
3. ASR was an essential partner in the Compost Pilot Project back in 2012 and now manages a robust compost pickup program by collecting compostable waste from 25 outdoor and indoor bins on campus in addition to compost bins in all AS offices. We also work on program expansion and promoting the use of compostable service ware at eateries across campus.
4. We help to manage the Apartment Compost Initiative which provides the option to compost for UCSB students in undergraduate and graduate apartment complexes. ACI provides Marborg compost dumpsters, information on what you can compost, and advice about how to do so. .
5. We conduct educational workshops and act as an information resource on recycling and waste reduction for the campus and community.

The AS Recycling Lock-In Fee pays for student and professional staff salaries, supplies, and equipment. Without the support of the student body, our program could not exist. Please vote to continue funding the AS Recycling program so we can keep helping UCSB reduce its waste and hold our position as one of the best recyclers and composters in the UC system!

Con Statements

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