Do you support the continued funding of $20.09, (of which $5.02 is for Return to Aid)* per ASUCSB membership per quarter and $15.07 for summer quarter for Rec Sports?

Pro Statements

The Recreational Sports Fee makes countless opportunities possible for thousands of students
every year. Through Adventure Programs, Sports Clubs, and other events students are able to
explore their interests, exercise, and make new friends. All of this is accomplished at an
affordable price because of the fee initiative. This fee also goes to support over 550 students
who are employed by these programs. Annual events such as the Turkey Trot, as well as
services like the Campus Point rental center are all funded primarily through this measure. I
strongly encourage you to vote yes on the Recreation Sports fee so these programs can
continue to improve the experiences of UCSB students just like it has for me.

Reed Ochalek
Student Manager - UCSB Adventure Programs
Environmental Studies Major
UCSB Class of 2025

The Rec Sports Fee will allow the continuation of students to stay active in the different
opportunities offered at UCSB. As a fourth year student, I have had the privilege of participating
in Intramurals and Sports Clubs. These programs have over 11,000 students that engage in
activities that benefit their wellbeing. It has enabled me to make lifelong connections and make
UCSB feel smaller with seeing so many familiar faces. I have found a sense of belonging within
the rec sports community and I want the opportunity for other students to find the same. The fee
will also arrange an affordable cost for students while providing job opportunities for student
development. I strongly recommend the approval of this fee so many students can have the
same outstanding experience I had within my college years.

Carissa Almazan
UCSB Class of 2023

Con Statements

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