Do you support continued funding of $17.43* (of which $4.36 is for return to aid, $13.07 will got to Recreation Sports) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $17.43* (of which $4.36 is for return to aid, $13.07 will go to Recreation Sports) for summer quarter for Rec Sports?

Pro Statements

The Recreation Sports fee goes directly towards opportunities for UCSB students, including Intramural Sports, Adventure Programs, Sport Clubs, use of the Recreation Center, and numerous recreation events. All of these programs provide unique and enriching opportunities to students, whether that be gear rental and backpacking trips with Adventures Programs, competing with friends in an intramural soccer game, or running in the Turkey Trot. These experiences are an important way that UCSB students meet each other and form a sense of community, this will only become more crucial in our return to campus and in-person classes. Events like Yoga Nights, Warm Up, Mindful Mondays, March Madness, the Dodgeball Tournament, and the Gaucho Cup are all made possible by the reaffirmation of this fee. In addition to providing amazing recreation activities, the Recreation Department employs hundreds of students in supportive professional environments. I cannot stress enough the importance of reaffirming this fee for the student community of UCSB.

Audrey Zenner
Intramural Student Manager

The Recreation Sports fee is essential to the operation of a variety of Recreation programs including Intramurals, Adventure Programs, Sports Clubs, and other recreation events. Each of these programs offers unique services that allows students to explore their interests in an affordable way. This fee also allows for the employment of over 350 students, all who are able to share their passions with other students. As we all are awaiting the day in which we can interact with the people and community at UCSB, this fee is essential for the continuation of events that bring students together, including the Turkey Trot, Mindful Mondays, and Yoga Nights, as well as equipment rentals and intramural leagues such as soccer. I strongly recommend the reaffirmation of both the Intramural and Rec Sports fee, as it will go to countless events and opportunities that have not only enriched the experience that I have had at UCSB, but that of so many other students.
-Grace Wiley

Con Statements

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