Do you support continued funding of $2.37* (of which $0.59 is for return to aid, $1.78 will go to OSL) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $2.37* (of which $0.59 is for return to aid, $1.78 will go to OSL) for summer quarter for Office of Student Life?

Pro Statements

I support reaffirming the Office of Student Life (SEAL) lock-in fee of $1.78 per AS UCSB Membership per quarter for the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. These funds shall be used to expand services to students in the leadership and first-year programs. It is such a small price to pay for the enrichment of student’s lives outside of the classroom. I have experienced firsthand the benefits of participating in organizations and being a leader in the community, and OSL has played an integral role in the programming and success of these organizations and leadership seminars. Without this funding from the Office of Student Life, many organizations that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion would be unable to thrive and hold events at the expense of the student community. OSL is an instrumental office that promotes student involvement and development through community building. Since there will be no increase in the fee and the fee is minimal despite how widespread the Office of Student Life is, I believe wholeheartedly that the Office of Student Life should be reaffirmed.
Wendy Zanker, fourth year, Alpha Delta Pi,

I support reaffirming the Office of Student Life (SEAL) as a result of its multifaceted expertise in providing support and mentorship for students on campus. One of the areas that the department advocates for is Student Initiated Outreach Programs (SIOP). SIOP is our hub for supporting students-leaders from registered campus organizations to get involved in creating outreach programs for at-promise youth in underrepresented communities across the state. These programs are typically all-expense paid experiences spearheaded by student organizations with the main goal of increasing enrollment rates of marginalized communities of color into higher education institutions. Many student organizations have been creating these programs with the assistance of SEAL for over 20 years. I have had experience garnering the support from the department in my organization’s own outreach efforts with the College Link Outreach Program. It is thanks to the Office of Student Life that I had access to helpful peer advisors to assist with programming, valuable workshops like Bystander Intervention, and the ability to network with other departments on campus like RHA, CAPS, and EAOP. A reaffirmation for the Office of Student Life means continuing to provide student-leaders on campus with a platform to continue their work in creating an equitable educational environment for all students.

Eric Palacios, fourth-year, Hermanos Unidos

I am writing in support of renewing the lock-in fee of $1.78 for OSL(SEAL). SEAL offers an array of services to all students and campus organizations including but not limited to peer advising, leadership training and development, student leader retreats, and funding opportunities. This department does so much for the campus community for such a small price. They foster a community for so many on campus by offering guidance and support for different campus orgs, Greek life, and so much more. Without them, programs like SIOP which supports organization's efforts to put on an outreach program for k-12 students or the ED 20 course which offers an education course for incoming students would not exist. The OSL(SEAL) has offered me and so many other students a sense of belonging and it would be a shame if future students did not receive these opportunities if this fee was not renewed.

Abbie Cervantes, third-year undergraduate, Rho Psi Eta Pre-health sorority

Con Statements

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