Do you support the continued funding of $5.31, ( of which $1.14 is for Return to Aid*) per ASUCSB membership per quarter and $3.92 for summer quarter for the MultiCultural Center (MCC)?

Pro Statements

Reaffirming the MultiCultural Center extends our 35+ years of commitment to our communities.
It will allow the MCC to continue as a vanguard for equity, transformation, and advocacy that
centers interconnectedness, hope, and healing for all.

The MCC serves as a bridge for the entire campus community and actively engages with
intersectional social justice issues that deeply impact our communities and diverse identities
through educational programming and community-building events. As a student-centered
space, the MCC remains committed to fostering equitable learning and building connections
across campus.

The MCC was established by and for students in collaboration with the wider campus and
surrounding community to provide a welcoming, braver space to combat all forms of
discrimination. The MCC strives to ensure that students thrive despite challenging
circumstances by expanding services and providing resources to assist students in adapting to
and navigating the university experience.

Voting yes to reaffirm the MCC’s lock-in fees will continue supporting a wide range of events
and programming open to the general public. This includes, but is not limited to:
● Free event spaces (150-seat theater, lounge, meeting room, and kitchen) equipped with
tech support services for students
● Student employment and scholarships
● Free food/refreshments during study jams
● Additional programming collaborations

By reaffirming the MCC, the annual allocation of $4.17 per ASUCSB membership per quarter
and $3.92 for the summer quarter will allow the MCC to continue serving the campus

Thank you for your support!

Con Statements

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