Do you support continued funding of $4.71* (of which $0.99 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $4.46* (of which $0.99 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for MultiCultural Center?

Pro Statements

Vote YES for the MultiCultural Center to continue providing an inclusive space at UCSB and a broad
spectrum of educational events advocating for social justice. The MCC serves as a bridge for the entire
campus community by recognizing the need to cater to diverse identities and value
orientations, building coalitions among student groups, as well as increasing communication among
people of different cultures and backgrounds.
In its 30 th year, the MCC continues to reflect its original mission of serving as a space that was established
BY, and FOR, students to provide a welcoming, safe space to fight all forms of discrimination and
oppression. Moreover, the MCC strives to ensure that students have the resources and services to thrive
by offering free event spaces and AV support for student organizations, free food and refreshments
during study jams, student jobs, and User Group event funding. Your support will also help continue the
operation of our 150-seat theater, lounge and study space, meeting room, and kitchen which are all
open for student use.
By reaffirming the MCC’s lock-in fees of $3.72 per quarter, your fees will continue to support over 100
events and programs per year which are open to the general public. Voting YES to reaffirm the MCC’s
lock-in fees will continue your fee contribution that already supports the MCC with no increase to the
fees you already pay!

Con Statements