Do you support continued funding of $5.05* (of which $1.26 is for return to aid, an administrative assessment of $0.25 will be charged to all non-capital expenditures and $0.04 is for the Associated Students recharge fee, $3.54 will go to the Pardall Center) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) for the Pardall Center?**


Pro Statements

The presence of the AS Pardall Center in Isla Vista is one-of-a-kind in that it serves as a consistent space for students and non-students alike to rest, study, learn and gain valuable assistance from various resources offered the community by the Associated Students. The Pardall Center provides study, meeting and event space, free access to computers, printers and WiFi, and access to various resources, including the Legal Resource Center and Isla Vista Tenants Union.
The Pardall Center is unique in a number of ways: It is the only space in Isla Vista that is fully funded and operated by Associated Students. It is the only space in Isla Vista that provides free space and services to the entire Isla Vista community. Due to its location in the center of Isla Vista, the Pardall Center also serves as a hub for information and access to resources in the community, assisting all members of the community to be active and engaged participants in Isla Vista’s civic and cultural life. In the next few years, the Pardall Center is expected to undergo interior and exterior renovations to better support the community’s needs.

Con Statements

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