Do you support continued funding of $2.59* (of which $0.40 is for return to aid, $2.19 will go to IVTU) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $2.26* (of which $0.40 is for return to aid, $1.86 will go to IVTU) for summer quarter for Isla Vista Tenants Union?

Pro Statements

The Isla Vista Tenants Union is an invaluable part of the Isla Vista community, providing Isla
Vistans with a multitude of services and resources. Run through Associated Students, the Isla Vista Tenants Union offers free caseworking consultations to students and community members as it relates to housing; going over lease agreements, helping students with security deposit disputes, guiding Isla Vistans through landlord difficulties, and, if needed, informing students how to handle legal disputes with their landlord or leasing company. Additionally, the Tenants Union provides ample online resources and workshops on topics from unit habitability to move out rights to legal rights of survivors as they relate to housing. The Isla Vista Tenants Union also works to inform students of their rights through legal education and actively works to expand tenants rights at all levels of government.
The Isla Vista Tenants Union is constantly working to make renting in Isla Vista easier and better. Projects such as creating facebook groups to let renters in the same complex communicate to better understand their situations, creating a freshman success guide to help new renters find places to live and ensure they are in a good unit, and more projects currently being worked on, all serve to help Isla Vista tenants year-round. Many of our resources are also listed in multiple languages, to best serve out diverse community.

Con Statements

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