Do you support continued funding of $6.46* (of which $0.99 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $5.63* (of which $0.99 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Intramural Sports?

Pro Statements

The Rec Sports and Intramural fees make such a large impact for UCSB students by both maintaining exceptional recreation programming for thousands of students and also employs students in a great environment for personal and professional growth. Intramural sports provides affordable recreational sports for all students which otherwise would be far too expensive for most to enjoy. This fee initiative allows for all of this to happen while serving over 11 thousand participants each year. Not only has the intramural program at UCSB personally given me the opportunity to enjoy UCSB IM’s variety of sports with my friends, but it has also allowed me to develop professionally as one of the more than 110 Intramural student employees. This program has truly shaped my experience at UCSB and I hope that many other students and participants can also be given the same opportunity.
John Gelinas
Intramural Student Manager

Con Statements