Do you support continued funding of $6.46* (of which $0.99 is for return to aid, $5.47 will go toe Intramural Sports) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $5.63* (of which $0.99 is for return to aid, $4.64 will go to Intramural Sports) for summer quarter for Intramural Sports?

Pro Statements

Intramural Sports is a source of immense value to UCSB students by building friendships, community and by providing students with employment opportunities on campus. This fee allows the Recreation Department to continue to provide high-quality, affordable recreational sports to thousands of UCSB students. As we return to campus and in-person classes, intramural sports will be even more essential in building community by serving as the perfect opportunity for students to meet new people and make friends in an outdoor setting. Not only does the Intramural program serve UCSB by creating community among participants, but also by providing employment and professional development for nearly a hundred students, like myself. By reaffirming this fee, you can help ensure that Intramurals will continue to provide social and professional opportunities to the UCSB community in the coming year.

Audrey Zenner
Intramural Student Manager

The Rec Sports and Intramural fees impact UCSB students significantly as they allow for the continuation of programming that benefits students on a physical, mental, and professional level in an affordable manner. Although COVID-19 has severely disrupted the way in which students interact, intramural programming has provided students with an opportunity to engage with others in the UCSB community on a virtual level. As the Recreation Center reopens going forward, intramural sports will play a vital role in bringing students together through communal activities and in various employment positions. This fee is now even more important to give students the chance to experience all that the Intramural programs have to offer. As both an employee and participant with Intramural Sports, I have felt the positive impact of this community and hope that many other students will have this same opportunity to work, play, and grow in this environment.
-Grace Wiley

Con Statements

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