Do you support the continued funding of $7.06, (of which $1.14 is for Return To Aid*) per ASUCSB membership per quarter and $5.09 for summer quarter for Intramural Sports?

Pro Statements

The Intramural Sports program provides an important space for so many members of UCSB's
community. This Intramural Sports fee is critical to maintaining the diverse and affordable array
of recreation programming that Intramural Sports offers. Whether that is enriching recreation
programs, state of the art equipment, or student wages, Intramural Sports depends on fees like
this to sustain its high quality programming. With the passage of the Intramural Sports fee,
students are able to affordably engage in a wide spectrum of sports in various self-identifying
skill levels. Along with being immensely popular with student participants, the Intramural Sports
program employs more than 110 students in a variety of roles, from referees, Intramural
Assistants, Sport Supervisors, and Night Supervisors. The skills obtained by student employees
within the Intramural Sports program go on to shape their personal and professional lives in
countless ways. Through the power of a robust Recreation Department and a thriving Intramural
Sports program, students of all backgrounds can find their place here. This is only possible
because of the Intramural Sports fee.

Thank you,
James Nigel Goff, Intramural Student Manager
UCSB Class of 2023

Con Statements

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