Do you support continued funding of $0.64* (of which $0.10 is for return to aid, $0.54 will go to EAB) ) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $.56* (of which $0.10 is for return to aid, $0.46 will go to EAB) for summer quarter for Enviromental Affairs Board?


Pro Statements

Environmental Affairs Board works promote environmental, social, political, and economic sustainability. EAB serves UCSB and the surrounding community by coordinating with decision makers, local organizations, and student groups to advocate for improvements to environmental standards at the local, national and global level. We provide environmental education and encourage a culture of eco-friendly habits in order to shape students’ lives at UCSB and beyond.

Despite limitations with COVID-19, EAB has continued to have weekly meetings. Each meeting includes valuable announcements, presentations and meaningful discussions. We also aim to create a community outside of general meetings. Our Social Chairs host weekly social events including book club, movie nights, and paint nights. Our Sustainable Lifestyle Chairs have created Sustain-a-Buddies where students can virtually meet other passionate environmentalists and help each other stay accountable for their sustainable lifestyle goals.

Along with creating community within our entity, we also encourage collaboration with other entities. For instance, our Student Affairs Chairs have worked hard this year to revive ECOalition, a coalition of environmental student groups at UCSB, where groups can more easily collaborate, discuss ideas, and promote what their organization is working on.

EAB also focuses on representing students and voicing their concerns. For instance, we have signed onto and authored letters opposing an ExxonMobil trucking project in Santa Barbara and a letter to President Biden encouraging the halting of oil and gas leasing on federal lands.

Please vote yes on EAB to continue promoting a culture of environmentalism at UCSB!

Con Statements

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