Do you support continued funding of $4.51* (of which $0.69 is for return to aid, $3.82 will go to the Disabled Students Program) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $3.93* (of which $0.69 is for return to aid, $3.24 will go to the Disabled student Program) for summer quarter for Disabled Student Services?

Pro Statements

Reaffirmation Statement - 2021
Through the generous support of the student body, the Disabled Students Program (DSP) is able to provide academic support services for over 1200 students living with permanent and temporary disabilities. Your lock-in fees support services which include: peer and digital note-taking, exam accommodations, reading services, assistive technology, and priority registration.
Since 2006-07, the number of students receiving services from DSP has increased at an average rate of 7% per year, and the lock-in fee has not been increased within that time frame. Reaffirming this fee will help DSP provide a level playing field for students with disabilities in the academic setting, and will provide equal access and support for students with disabilities to complete their education at UCSB. Additionally, DSP is a significant source of student income opportunities, providing student employment on an annual basis in the form of exam proctor positions and peer notetaking positions. The Universal Design philosophy of our department also frames equity and inclusion in relation to the broader student experience. Our advocacy focused on flexibility and inclusive approaches to instruction, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, has served to address collective hardships and struggles:

Con Statements

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