Do you support continued funding of a $3.85 (of which $0.75 is for return to aid, $3.10 will go to the Daily Nexus) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $1.00 (of which $0.11 is for return to aid, $0.89) for summer quarter for the Daily Nexus?

Pro Statements

Since the 1930s, the Daily Nexus has been a student-run, independent publication, receiving no funding from the university while providing the UCSB community with meaningful and essential news, editorials, feature coverage, opinion pieces and entertainment. The Nexus allows students the opportunity to work with a 100 percent student-run editorial team, operating around the clock to provide timely and relevant content. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nexus has remained fully operational, publishing on our website daily and putting together a print issue each quarter. It is vital that the Nexus receives students’ financial support in order to continue functioning. With your vote, the Daily Nexus will be able to better serve UCSB, Isla Vista and the underrepresented voices in our community. Thank you for your support.

Con Statements

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