Do you support the continued funding of $3.85, (of which $0.75  is for Return to Aid*) per ASUCSB membership per quarter and $0.89 for summer quarter for the Daily Nexus?

Pro Statements

As the sole independent, student-run paper on campus, The Daily Nexus has historically provided the UCSB, Isla Vista and broader Santa Barbara community with thoughtful, engaging coverage of all university and community-related events for over 100 years.
Recognized this year as the third best collegiate newspaper in California by the California College Media Association (CCMA), the Nexus is proud of its ability to consistently produce a wide variety of news, entertainment, opinions, editorials and even satire content. The weekly production of this content additionally provides our student staff with unique hands-on editorial experience and equips them with the necessary skills and standards for future work in the industry.
Affirming the Nexus lock-in fee allows this beacon of independent journalism to remain the only newspaper on campus with no administrative input, ensuring our community’s voice is central to our 100% student-run independent coverage.

Con Statements

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