Do you support the continued funding of $3.51, (of which $0.34 for Return to Aid*) per ASUCSB Membership per quarter and $2.71 for summer quarter for the Bicycle Infrastructure and Education Fund?

Pro Statements

The Associated Students Bike Committee is responsible for funding the maintenance and improvements to campus bike infrastructure as well as educating students on best practices regarding bike safety through events such as bike fairs, workshops, and tabling. Last year we coordinated the improvement of the drainage system near the bus loop to reduce bike path flooding, and we were happy to see that those improvements were successful throughout the recent winter storms. We have also re-striped several intersections to reduce confusion.

We identify problem areas on campus by seeking student input and conducting regular campus ride-arounds, then allocating the necessary funds to make improvements or repairs. In 2023-2024, we hope to finalize an in-progress proposal and start construction on a wider bike path and improved bike lot near the bus loop and support the opening of the new AS Bike Shop. We also expect to continue to advocate for proper bike infrastructure at Munger Hall, including new and wider pathways to and from that area of campus.

Through careful planning and by working closely with administrators and students, the Bike Committee has helped make UCSB one of only a few Platinum ranked Bicycle-Friendly Universities in the nation. However, there is always room for improvement. Please vote yes to continue making biking better at UCSB!

Con Statements

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