Do you support continued funding of $5.42* (of which $0.79 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $4.67* (of which $0.79 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for AS/KCSB-FM Professional Broadcast Media & Journalism Staff?

Pro Statements

AS/KCSB-FM Professional Broadcast Media and Journalism Staff form a necessary and integral part of the successful operation of UCSB’s campus radio station and the student experience. Career staff are responsible not only for safeguarding station assets by ensuring compliance with University, State, and Federal regulations, but they also provide valuable mentoring, training, and skills-sharing in a multitude of areas, including broadcasting, journalism, sportscasting, sound engineering, digital content production, event planning, budgeting, public relations and marketing and leadership development.

As a university licensee, KCSB’s mandate is educational therefore career staff are teaching students about community service through broadcasting. This is achieved by our providing free public service announcements, news coverage for campus and local organizations and emergency communications for both signal area community and student populations. Staff are mentors, providing a next-steps education for students as they prepare for careers beyond the university. Skills acquired here touch industries ranging from entertainment to broadcasting, journalism, and non-profit media management. We provide important continuity here at the very first UC radio station, which is widely recognized as a world-class operation and highly regarded for maintaining an exceptional level of Gaucho alumni engagement.

Con Statements